sAFEGUARD and EMPOWER your SCHOOL on tough topics in the funnest way Ever!!!

School workshops for primary and secondary on modern slavery, knife crime, terrorism, county lines, online bullying, mental health and more…


Hello! We are Just Enough! We live with you here on Planet Earth! It is a brilliant place - it has ice cream - but a few things need changing to make it even better! Our mission is simple: make children LAUGH, then they LISTEN and LEARN !

We want to Inspire a Generation!

Knife Crime, Slavery, Terrorism, County Lines, Online Bullying and more! Our workshops use storytelling, music, acting and comedy to talk about the most serious of subjects. With so many children being affected by these issues we know that it is up to the next generation to make a change in society over generations to come.

Each workshop covers key aspects of all 3 core themes set out in the PSHE Association Guidance

  • Health and well-being

  • Relationships (including healthy relationships and recognising risky relationships)

  • Living in the wider world

The workshops protect innocence whilst providing children with a passion to protect themselves and their communities. It makes them aware of the complex issues in a child-friendly way whilst still inspiring them that ‘one person can make a massive change’.


Meet the Presenters

Meet our team of amazing presenters who will be coming to your school to inspire your children that they can change the world