Just Enough Group


The history of mankind… in one week!

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live as a Cowboy looking for gold, or in a Stone Age Tribe tracking a Mammoth?

Have you wondered about the moment DaVinci looked at Mona Lisa and thought, “She would look great in a painting”?

Well now Just Enough are giving your children that chance! Over the course of a week, we will take them on a journey through the history of mankind. We’ll take a look at our problems, our successes, and ask the great question…

Where are we going, based on where we have been?  


The Stone Age - Hosted by Ugg the Caveman

We will live as mankind would have in THE STONE AGE! We explore what it would have been like to eat, listen to music, draw and survive as a caveman. We will take your children through a world where mankind went from just about surviving to thriving.

They will…

  • Build a Stone Age shelter and tools

  • Play Stone Age music

  • Create cave drawings

  • Track a mammoth

  • Go up against other tribes in a Stone Age Standoff


The Dark Ages - Hosted by King Arthur

This is all about castles and knights! We will look at how kings turned on each other, and build castles from cardboard boxes. We will also explore different kinds of artwork, and even have a Medieval war!

They will…

  • Find out what their Medieval name would be

  • Build a castle and defend it against other lords and their armies

  • See how going to the doctor would have been the worst thing ever

  • Have an illegal game of football, Dark Ages Style!!!

  • Explore the worst and best jobs


The Renaissance - Hosted by Da Vinci

The Renaissance! From Michelangelo to Raphael, we will show the children how these names belong not just to Ninja Turtles, but people who changed the face of the world through art and design.

They will…

  • Work on their own portraits, just like DaVinci

  • Build sculptures like Michelangelo

  • See what poetry was like in this sudden age of knowledge

  • Learn how even though this was a time of learning, everyone fell out

  • Learn how all of this art influenced that famous playwright we all know and love…


The Wild West - Hosted by Billy the Kid

There is GOLD in them there hills! On this day the children will learn what it would have been like to be a Prospector and a Native American.

They will…

  • Learn what life was like for both the Cowboys and Native Americans

  • How they lived while looking for gold

  • Build Teepees like the Native Americans

  • Find out why there were so many fights and rows

  • Survive in the Wild West


The Age of Flight - Hosted by Amelia Earhart

Not so long ago an amazing woman flew across the Atlantic just after two brothers developed the first machine to actually fly! Not long after that we walked on the moon! It was an incredible time of invention and pioneers

They will…

  • Design and build a plane and try to make it fly

  • Learn about these brave pioneers

  • Train like Astronauts

  • Launch their own rockets (fuelled by water in this case!)

  • Think about the possibilities of future technology, and where mankind will go next…