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Unprepared Series

The Unprepared Series is our documentaries from around the world based on problems we look at in schools and what children in these countries are doing to change the world for themselves! Inspiration is everywhere!!!


 Ele and Phil take their first adventure completely unprepared to Albania.

Albania is a country of amazing beauty but more people live outside of it than in it! We wanted to go and discover Albania for ourselves and see how the young people are trying to shake off the history of Poverty and Trafficking to create an amazing land ready for the future!

Where will we find answers? Don't know
Where are we travelling to? Not sure
Who will we talk to? Not a clue

We are Just Enough and we are Unprepared in Albania

Arrange a screening

Would you like to arrange a screening of one of our movies for your whole school assemble or evening with parents! Great we would to. You can book for us to come and show the movie in your school with a Q and A with Ele or Phil afterwards. This is a great way to bring the problems and solutions of our planet into your school for children and adults to explore the world the Just Enough Way! This is open to any age group from 10 and upwards.

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