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Anti Radicalisation

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This workshop will help your school meet the Prevent Duty. We want children to understand that they are not surrounded by danger. Nor that terrorists might be everywhere! This session is designed to help children understand the reason these things can happen and why. The main goal of the session is to make sure any Anti Islamic behaviour that maybe under the surface in the classroom from what children may have heard from their peers, social or main stream media and even, in some cases, their parents. It helps pupils understand how people can be radicalised and how to protect themselves and others from such behaviours.

They will Learn

  • Why humans have always fought 

  • The kind of things we have gone to war over 

  • What is the difference between War and Terrorism 

  • Why religion gets highjacked by extremists to do terrible things

  • How every religion is peaceful

  • The history of the first extremist group (The Gun Powder Plotters)

  • How nobody is born a terrorist  

  • How social media can be used to brainwash young people 

  • What the difference is between Extremists and Activists 

  • How you can change the world by using just your voice 

The First Half of The Workshop

What do teachers say?

  • "It was very informative and a scary subject made easy to understand - especially with bananas! Thank you!" Y6 Teacher, St Mary's, Pulborough, West Sussex.

  • "Great workshop presenter, was well informed, fun and motivating - would have him back again and again", Y5 Teacher, Viking Primary, Ealing

  • "Enthusiastic presenter, good use of 'Guy Fawkes' to link theme, breaking things down for children to understand", Y5 Teacher, Brackenbury Primary, Hammersmith

  • "Today helped the children to consider the wider implications of violence and terrorism in today's world", Y6 Teacher, St Stephen's CE Primary, Westminster

  • "It was an excellent, easily accessible way for children to access a tricky topic, broke it down well, used good examples and had a fantastic positive message to end on", Y5 Teacher, Crownlane Primary, Lambeth


Accompanying Lesson Plans