This form is a primary enquiry form only, a member of the bookings team will contact you to confirm times, logistics and dates.

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  • We work in hourly sessions, per class (up to 30 pupils)

  • We deliver up to 4 classes per day (1 hour each)

  • We will respond to you within 24 hours with information about your enquiry and to confirm what your school needs.

  • A full day of workshops (up to 4 classes) is £350. A half day (up to 2 classes) is £250

  • We are able to run multiple topics on the same day

  • Our presenter will deliver the workshop in the classroom, with children at their desks (they will get up throughout for interactivity)

  • You will receive a booking confirmation from us once the information is confirmed

  • You will receive a reminder 1 week before the workshop is due to take place

  • All our presenters are fully DBS checked

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