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Just Enough Children's Award

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The Just Enough Children’s Award 2019

For the most incredible kids in our world today


We here at Just Enough see amazing children everyday and have decided to do something to help recognise them! Welcome to the first Just Enough Children’s Award! This award is to recognise those children who have done something extraordinary in their community. It could be caring for a sick loved one, standing up to a bully on behalf of a friend, showing a great act of kindness or raising money for a charity!

Whatever it is, this is the award to show our gratitude for their amazing bravery or kindness in this ever changing world!

The winner of the award will receive a trophy and a cash prize of £1000

Yes, you did read that right… the winner of this award will win a cash prize to spend however they want! It could be taking all of their family on holiday or it could be put in savings for them to go towards their future.

We will contact the teacher prior to advancing with the nominees so no data will be passed on before you have been contacted.


The nominated child must be in primary school, aged between 4 and 12.
The submission must come from a teacher.
Nominated child and guardian must consent to the submission.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Just Enough will follow up with the winner one year later to see what they used the money for, even if they just kept it in the bank!

  2. It is down to the school to ensure the eligibility of the nominated child

  3. It is the schools responsibility to ensure that there are provisions in place for the child to receive this award.

  4. The nominator must fill in the form truthfully and to the best of their knowledge.

  5. School must be able to accommodate an award assembly.

Any other questions? contact Charlie@justenoughgroup.org to clarify whether your pupil is eligible.

Deadline: The competition is now closed

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