Do you know a pupil who has a good character? We want to hear about what they do! One child will win £1000 to celebrate ‘doing good’ in our world.

Just Enough Children’s Award Winners 2019

Our two winners for 2019: Chloe and Lakshya. Both children did the most wonderful things within their communities. Chloe gave up her birthday money to give to the poor and homeless and helped people around Victoria Station in London. Lakshya helps fellow children in his school, at lunchtime, gain confidence to be able to play with others. Both children are hero’s in our eyes so both got an award and a cheque for £1000 each!

Submissions for 2020 are now open! If there is a child you would like to submit please fill in the form below.

FAQ’s can be found at the bottom of the page.  

Children’s Award 2020

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Submit a child, using the form above, for the Children’s Award and they will be in with a chance to win £1000.

What sort of things are you looking for?
Honestly? We just want to know what our children are doing for the world. Examples include looking after a relative, fundraising, inspiring other children with their work or just being the smiling face that brightens your day! Even if the child did something once, they still did it and we would love to hear about it!

What do they get?
The winning child will receive an assembly presented by our founder Phil Knight and a cheque for £1000!

What if the child doesn’t have a bank account?
We will work with our bank to create an account alongside the pupil and their family.

Why are you doing the award?
We see children every day who want something more, many children can believe the narrative of crime helping you make money, and often don’t realise that charity workers or people doing morally good work can get paid. We want to show children that their effort and positive character can have real life rewards, now and when they grow older. We hope to inspire them to be the best role models for their generation.

Is it just for London pupils?
Any pupils from anywhere in the UK can apply for this!

More examples…
Striking for climate change
Standing up to a bully
Starting a campaign against racism
Telling jokes every day to make the class feel better
Helping a fellow pupil with their mental health
Helping someone when they are feeling down
An amazing motivational speech

Thank you!