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Our First Education Show 2019

We were at The Education Show! Woo.

Not to sound too cheesy… but a massive, enormous, huge, gigantic big thank you from Just Enough Group to everyone who came to see us at the Education Show… for anyone who didn’t stop by (why not!) we were the ones with the massive cardboard fort.  

Why a fort?

Many who walked through the show thought that our company made forts! I wish - in fact we do workshops on difficult subjects for primary/secondary schools. Slavery, Knife Crime, Hate Crime, Anti-Radicalisation, Health &Happiness, Environment. The fort is a permanent part of our office, so it only felt right to bring it along.

We like to make everything we do fun, entertaining and involve the children fully. The topics we teach are difficult, especially at primary age - the best way to get our heads around them is to not be scared or shocked too much! We brought this colourful attitude to the event: protecting, inspiring and empowering the next generation.

Over 250 of you signed up to our mailing list! Welcome on board to the world of Just Enough. It’s full of insight (maybe), fun and random energy. So sit back, relax, grab some ice-cream... or something healthy like a mango... and help us change the world.

For anyone who saw the face card people running around, that was us! There is information about our workshops on the back. If you haven’t had a look, do it now! or find out more information on our website www.justenoughgroup.org/workshops

What’s next for Just Enough? We are breaking our own records every day with the amount of pupils we have seen, which is just fantastic. Now the event is over we are gearing up to our Children’s award. The entry deadline is coming up so if you know a pupil who deserves a reward - let us know!

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Follow this very cool link.

This is a good time to introduce you to our little team. It’s full of creativity, dedication and a huge desire to educate your pupils. We are here to support you - start the conversation and work with you to find a workshop that will benefit your pupils. (Yes, that is the boss in a purple cape). We also have fabulous actors who come into your schools and deliver this brilliant work.

Thank you for being part of Just Enough’s Mission.

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