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Song Spotlight : I was here - Beyonce

Beyoncé's official United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance video for 'I Was Here'.

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING: Listen to this instead.

I just found this beautiful video of Beyonce singing ‘I was here’. I had to share it with you all. I couldn’t keep it to myself! The video instantly made me think about the impact that is being made every single day around this beautiful earth we call home… and it is our home. As you read this I want you to play this song. My body is currently covered in goosebumps viewing this video. As you’re listening and thinking about something you always wanted to do….make that change - and don’t stop until you change the world.

The world is constantly evolving and I do believe that we are helping it thrive. The amount of positive energy is massive in our world at the moment; but it is silent, more silent than hate. Hate is loud, it is messy it is destructive. Yet, as hate tries to remove our peace, others are piecing the world back together. They are creating beautiful devices, combating mental health, curing diseases, feeding the hungry. Lets give positivity a voice.

One lyric stood out (well they all did really) ‘They won’t forget I was here, I lived, I loved’.


If you do something incredible you have the authority to demand that recognition. This is what the UN World Humanitarian Day is all about. Recognising that we are able to do something beautiful for someone else in need. If we call out other people’s injustices, they will call out our own. Let’s raise the level we all live at - raise the bar not for a few but for all.


We all live and love in this world. ‘I did: I’ve done’. Exceeding expectations and being a positive impact in the world. Whatever we do through our life, we are valuable - we are here. We are important. I think this message is important for children to see all the wonderful people doing work and also understanding that they can do it too. Sometimes as a child you think of these incredible individuals' ‘changing the world’ and you put them on a pedestal completely forgetting that they are just ordinary people who did something extraordinary. Equally, that helping others is day-to-day how we should live.


I feel that in this song Beyonce is saying ‘Look, I have done things to make the world better, don’t tell me I haven’t. You remember me because I am positive I am a positive existence in this world and I matter.

I matter

The most important message. It’s not about vanity, but about shouting about all the wonderful people who are doing. They won’t regret being fabulous humans. How many of us can get to the end of our lives and demand the respect for what we achieved. Even now I feel that Beyonce has the ability to do more than just little me - but who knows? Who knows whats going to make the biggest difference. I won’t stop trying just because of that. She has inspired me, that’s something.

Maybe thinking I can fix a massive global issue is optimistic: but I am.