Age Group - KS2

In this workshop we look at why people can hate. In this world of constant change, children are being barraged with information that may influence them towards hate. Whether this is from parents, the media, world leaders or movies- we need to break the cycle! This workshop aims to counteract hate and promote acceptance and forgiveness amongst classes and peers. The Hate Crime workshop uses Batman and Superman, Witches and the Wild West to explore discrimination, prejudice, ignorance and how we can remove hate crime from our world.

Why this Workshop?

  • Hate Crimes are on the rise

  • 94,000 hate crimes were recorded by the police in England and Wales in 2017/18. That’s an increase of 17% on the previous year and more than double the number five years ago.

  • Hate makes our communities feel unsafe and divided

  • Hate is often fuelled by incorrect stereotypes

  • Hate and thoughts about groups of people can be influenced by peers

They will learn…

  • What creates hate (and how to remove it)

  • The history of hate, including a closer look at the Wild West and how a lack of cultural understanding caused fighting.

  • How paranoia of different groups leads to hate

  • Why two very similar, powerful people that become hateful towards each other

  • Why hate only creates more hate - we need to change this!

  • How some aspects of our media can create hate

  • How many hate crimes on average happen everyday

  • Why prejudice can keep hate alive

  • That when we put hate aside, the human race can do amazing things, like landing on the moon. 

  • How to reduce hate in our communities


We all want a better world for our children and with this style of learning and engagement it can be achieved! Yes the school can use of this work towards Ofsted but fundamentally we want the next generation to have the tools in their future to be able to make a kinda world that does not have these issues that have thrived under us.

Ofsted Inspectors are guided to consider the evidence that action is taken to raise awareness of children and learners in relation to a range of safeguarding matters so that children are able to understand, respond to and calculate risk effectively.

"We collate the feedback that we receive from children and send it to our schools to use as evidence in their Ofsted portfolios"

Schools should promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.