Just Enough Group

Hate Crime


Anti Hate Crime

In this workshop we look at why people can hate, in this world of constant change and some world leaders that are becoming more and more controversial plus policies that are controversial to other humans children are being barraged with information that may influence them towards hate. This workshop aims to counter act that and promote acceptance and forgiveness amongst classes and peers. 

They will learn…

  • The reasons we hate

  • The history of hate starting with the Wild West 

  • Why people can become paranoid 

  • How two very similar powerful people can become hateful towards each other

  • Why hate just breeds more hate

  • How some aspects of our media can create hate

  • How many hate crimes can happen everyday

  • Why prejudice can keep hate alive

  • The big question of why Dogs don't hate each other 

  • How when we put hate aside the human race does amazing things like landing on the moon 


Inspectors are guided to consider the evidence that action is taken to raise awareness of children and learners in relation to a range of safeguarding matters so that children are able to understand, respond to and calculate risk effectively.

"We collate the feedback that we receive from children and send it to our schools to use as evidence in their Ofsted portfolios"


Schools should promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

What do teachers say?

  • “Good presentation explaining to the children how to treat others even though they may be different. The presenter was energetic and was able to bring across the information to the level of the students.” - Brookside Primary, Hillingdon

  • “Well presented and engaging. Children were involved. Easy to understand information.” - Brookside Primary, Hillingdon

  • “Excellent engaging delivery relevant topic the content was really well planned - using superheroes was clever.” - Childs Hill Primary, Barnet

  • “Children showed enjoyment and interest in the subject” - IQRA Primary School, Lambeth

  • “Great message - clearly explained. Children were engaged. A great lesson. Thank you” IQRA Primary School, Lambeth

  • “Great to link hate crime to historical events - Native Americans and James 1st and his hate for witches” - Burdett-Coutts and Townshend Foundation CE Primary School, Westminster

  • “A good and effective workshop, especially from children who have behaviour issues. Hearing an adult from outside school explaining scenarios has been effective. A well planned, interactive workshop.” - Hewens Primary School, Hillingdon

  • “Thank you. The children really enjoy having discussions like this. It was interesting for them and the presenter was very energetic and made them feel comfortable to discuss these topics.” - Hewens Primary School, Hillingdon