Age Group - KS2

These workshops are focused around our health and well-being and how being physically healthy can improve our psychological health. The workshops look at how physical activity. laughter, and different types of food can help us feel better. We look at managing emotions and who to turn to when something is on our minds. By using cartoons and even personal stories we can build resilience in your pupils, bringing this topic to life for these young minds.

Why this Workshop?

  • 1/8 of children aged 5-19 have at least one mental health disorder

  • Regular exercise can boost mood

  • 64% of 5 and 6 year olds said they always feel happy, compared to just 48% of 11 year olds.

  • British children are amongst the least active in the world

  • Poor nutrition can put children at higher risk of mental illness

They will learn…

  • Why food effects our mood 

  • What foods help us to be happier 

  • What depression and anxiety are

  • How to deal with depression/emotions 

  • How to talk about being sad 

  • How exercise can help us think clearly 

  • Why having fun helps you concentrate 

  • Balancing life

  • How our mental health can be improved through communicating problems effectively


We all want a better world for our children and with this style of learning and engagement it can be achieved! Yes, the school can use this work towards OFSTED, but fundamentally we want the next generation to have the tools in their future to be able to make a kinder world that does not have the issues that have thrived under us.

Accompanying Lesson Plans