Just Enough Group




In this workshop the children start to learn about why we all look different and why it is great that we are all different shapes and colours, the aim of the session is to help them understand at such a young age why not liking each other because of what we look like is so wrong. This is an hour long set of games to help them become the best people they can be.

They will learn…

  • Why we have different coloured skin 

  • Whether their great great great great great great ancestors came from a hot place or a cold place 

  • The blind fold game in which they learn about facial features and how we change them through say a hair cut 

  • The paper airplane challenge where we see how they work as teams 

  • How working together makes the plane go further

  • Making each other out of Play Doh so they can see that even though we are all different shapes and colours we are all made of the same stuff!

  • That children change the world  


Inspectors are guided to consider the evidence that action is taken to raise awareness of children and learners in relation to a range of safeguarding matters so that children are able to understand, respond to and calculate risk effectively.

"We collate the feedback that we receive from children and send it to our schools to use as evidence in their Ofsted portfolios"


Schools should promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.