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Key Stage 2 Modern Slavery Lesson Plans

These lesson plans have been paid for by the Clewer Initiative and free to download to accompany our workshops on modern slavery. For even more lesson plans head to modernslaverylessons


This lesson helps children understand that they are a very important part of the fight against slavery. It introduces, through history, how slavery adapted over the years and what it looks like today. It includes a focus on the idea that today, modern slavery is often ‘hidden behind closed doors’ but also can be seen on our streets ‘hidden in plain sight’.


This lesson considers stories of children held in modern slavery in the UK. The cases are based on true stories and will inspire children to stay safe, whilst not scaring or shocking them. In each scenario the children are protected and rescued, showing children who they can turn to when they are worried or in danger.

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This lesson plan is a great way to encourage children to see a future without any form of slavery. The Clewer Initiative and Just Enough Group believe that we can have a slave free world. Children in this lesson will write a newspaper article about how the world managed to achieve just that!

Key Stage 2 Knife Crime Lesson Plans

Knife Crime Key Stage 2
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This lesson plan helps pupils understand how their actions have very real consequences for the rest of their lives. It shows them the outcomes that they may not be aware of that result from carrying a knife. It encourages pupils to think of their potential and take pride in themselves.

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