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Lesson Plan Pack (12 lessons) (Physical Pack Shipped)

Lesson Plan Pack (12 lessons) (Physical Pack Shipped)


Contains 20 lesson plans for KS1 and KS2 on difficult subjects. These lessons use discussion, demonstration and creation to explore how to make the world a better place.

  • Inclusion Topic (Y1&2)

    • One Big Puzzle

    • School for All

  • Health and Happiness (Y3&4)

    • Life is a Rollercoaster

    • Weight of the World

  • Earth & Us (Y3&4)

    • It’s the ‘litter’ things

    • That was RUBBISH! Up-cycling

  • Knife Crime (Y5&6)

    • Potential and Consequence

    • Spreading Positivity

  • Anti-Radicalisation (Y5&6)

    • I Hear You: Do you hear me too?

    • Break Through Fake News

  • Modern Slavery (Y5&6)

    • Becoming Abolitionists

    • Spot Slavery in Fiction

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