Why this Workshop?

  • More than half the children in the UK have been bullied

  • 40% of children are targeted at least once a week

  • Celebrity culture is intensifying how children see themselves

  • Online Bullying is a big factor, but most bullying still happens face to face

  • Trolling is something that children are seeing as part of normal life

Bullying has always been a part of school life for many children growing up and can be the contributing factor to how they perform as adults. It has evolved beyond the classroom and playground and can now affect children everywhere they go. Phones, internet and social media platforms are wonderful tools, but they can be used to do so much harm! This workshop looks at the reasons people bully and why it must stop for all of us.

They will Learn…

  • The history of bullying 

  • The story of our founder Phil and how for four years he was bullied 

  • How the online world contributes

  • Why data does not go away

  • The true story of a tragic case where a young person lost their life to bullying

  • How to stop it

  • Famous people who have been bullied 

  • The signs of bullying

  • How one person can make a change


We all want a better world for our children and with this style of learning and engagement it can be achieved! Yes the school can use of this work towards Ofsted but fundamentally we want the next generation to have the tools in their future to be able to make a kinda world that does not have these issues that have thrived under us.

Ofsted Inspectors are guided to consider the evidence that action is taken to raise awareness of children and learners in relation to a range of safeguarding matters so that children are able to understand, respond to and calculate risk effectively.

"We collate the feedback that we receive from children and send it to our schools to use as evidence in their Ofsted portfolios"

Schools should promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.