We have over 30 presenters around the UK! Here are some of them to tell you why they do what they do


Shireenah Ingram


Fortunately for me I discovered my purpose in life and that is to motivate and entertain! I currently deliver educational, motivational and resilience talks, and multi arts discipline sessions with young people. I find this work so rewarding. An important message in work I deliver is that “Life is what you choose to make it”. I help young people see what is possible and that we can only but try. My ultimate aim is for them to identify their circle of influence and to keep striving to be the best version of themselves!


Helen and Joe


Not having kids of my own it's great to be able to borrow them! and teaching and this job gives me a lovely opportunity to do this ! I used to teach children dance jazz tap and musical theatre stuff. I loved being able to help them grow and improve and see how much a teachers influence could impact their work and life! and also hopefully be done with a lot of fun along the way. Encouragement and confidence building as well as practical knowledge always went a long way also. The JE workshops are a great gift. I love being able to work with kids to help inspire them and help build their confidence and remind them they can do anything they want in life. Yet still being aware how our world needs improving in the areas that are not so great and letting them know they can make a difference in the world is a great feeling. It's good to go to bed at night knowing you’ve done a worthwhile job and hopefully creating a bit of good karma.


Emma Grier


I love leading these workshops because I believe they make a real difference to the pupil's lives and help them to understand and process the things that are happening in our world today. I believe that every child is able to make the world a better place and has something wonderful and individual to contribute to our world. Every single class is different and I love that. I love working with the pupils seeing them enjoying the workshop and engaging with the role play and activities. I feel so inspired by the pupils and the ideas they come up with for making the world a better place and helping to improve the world by eliminating the issues we face.


Jennifer Woodward


One of the biggest reasons I like working with children is because of their honesty. They are often open and willing to learn, consider and evolve; but if they don't like something, you'll sure know about it! They have a sense of curiosity that we tend to lose as we age, they are precious. They are the future!


Hazel Dubourdieu


I love the term ‘Edutainer’ because I love to both educate and entertain! I find the work I do with Just Enough gives me a great sense of fulfilment because I get to teach children all across the country important lessons about the world we live in in a fun and enjoyable way. The fact that all the workshops we deliver are designed to be as immersive as possible, getting the children up out of their seats and sharing their thoughts and ideas helps to make it all the more exciting and memorable for them. It is really rewarding to see the children become passionate about the subject matter you’re delivering and knowing that it all contributes to helping make the world a better place.


Ellen Patterson


Kids are just DESPERATE to learn and to have fun doing it, so to be able to facilitate that for them really is a privilege. Anything they can do to make the world a better place excites them, and I love being part of that conversation. Encouraging children to question and to look at things a little closer is so important and every workshop with Just Enough gives them a chance to do that. Almost every workshop a child comes up after the workshop to tell me how much they’ve learned and how much fun they’ve had and that is an incredible feeling, especially when they tell you they don’t usually get to do ‘stuff like this.’ I leave every school feeling fulfilled and excited about the next generation (and a little exhausted!).