Hit the moon

Today I got to go and meet Dame Caroline Spencer (really helpful MP there are some left 😁) but as I was walking to Parliament I walked through the extinction rebellion camp to say hi and ask about what they hope to achieve.

What really got me was the level of qualifications flying around! PHDs, lawyers, activists all coming together to pressure government to hurry up in the mission to cut the UK’s output of Carbon.

So Government have said they will cut it by 2050, XR say they want it cut by 2023, that is not far away but I have this theory… Quincy Jones is a very successful music producer who wrote albums for just about every musician it is worth talking about! He had a saying “always shoot for the stars and you might get lucky and hit the moon. Shoot for the moon, you probably won’t even make it out of the atmosphere!”.

I love that as a phrase because as human beings if we can put something off then more often than not… we will!

XR’s goal might be unrealistic but at least we can hope that their pressure will at least help us hit the moon!

Phil 🤔

The camp in London

The camp in London