Phil Knight CEO and Founder


This is Phil Knight and he is the guy that set up the Just Enough Group, lived in a box for two weeks, drummed for four and a half days, wrote an album to raise awareness of slavery, made a movie to show life in Albania and why people come to the UK and is currently writing a book plus other projects on the side all to try and make the world a better place.

He has no background in human rights or education but it took ten minutes to change his entire life and start him on a journey to want to change the world.

One chance meeting that led to him walking through a series of shipping containers that told the story of a young girl called Svetlana who was trafficked from Moldova at a very young age. This short trip through these containers changed the way Phil was to think about the world.

The world needs people to try things in a different way. Violence, trafficking, hate! Things that we should have grown out of by now but are still strong in our society!

We have to do better and children is where we must start



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