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Summer Camps


Summer Camps!!!

Travel through time in the Summer of 2019

Just Enough UK have been hard at work since 2013, delivering workshops on important global social issues to primary school children across the country. Since we were established we have worked with over 70,000 children to tackle issues such as modern slavery, knife crime, radicalisation and more. We never, ever use shock or scare tactics to convey information, but aim to leave children feeling empowered and inspired by the idea that one person can make a change to the world.

Our workshops have been in such high demand from both schools and children that it got us thinking - why should the fun stop at the end of term?


We are excited to finally be able to announce the arrival of our Just Enough Summer Camps in 2019. We will be running our brand new camp in London for children aged between 8-11, if successful we will role them across the UK. They are packed with awesome activities, they will be everything you have come to expect from us over the past five years. Your kids will spend a week with us getting hands-on with the history of mankind! 

We are making the camps affordable for all, with days starting at just £20 to an entire week costing no more than £92! The children will be supplied with healthy drinks and snacks, plus an afternoon lunch. The days will be run by our brilliant Presenters who are all First Aid trained and super fun! 


Travel through time!!!

And leave the modern world behind