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Summer Camps

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Summer Camps!!!

Travel through time in the Summer of 2019


Travel through time this summer!

Role up Role up and join us in our time travelling circus tent! in August 2019 we will unveiling for the first time our TIME TENT!

We take the camp on a journey through the ages to learn about all of our history! Children will learn Cave Man skills to stay alive from a stone age dude called Ugg just to start with and are then transported through time everyday to experience a different era!

From playing football with an enemies head in a medieval game of footie to learning to paint like DaVinci this camp has something for everyone and will give your kids a summer they will never forget!

We are making the camps affordable for all, with days starting at just £20 to an entire week costing no more than £92! The children will be supplied with healthy drinks and snacks, plus an afternoon lunch. The days will be run by our brilliant Presenters who are all First Aid trained and super fun! 

Days run from 8:30 for breakfast and registration to 3:30 pick up

Some of the Eras we will time travel to

The Stone Age - Hosted by Ugg the Caveman

We will live as mankind would have in THE STONE AGE! We explore what it would have been like to eat, listen to music, draw and survive as a caveman. We will take your children through a world where mankind went from just about surviving to thriving.

The Dark Ages - Hosted by King Arthur

This is all about castles and knights! We will look at how kings turned on each other, and build castles from cardboard boxes. We will also explore different kinds of artwork, and even have a Medieval war!

The Renaissance - Hosted by Da Vinci

The Renaissance! From Michelangelo to Raphael, we will show the children how these names belong not just to Ninja Turtles, but people who changed the face of the world through art and design.

The Age of Flight - Hosted by Amelia Earhart

Not so long ago an amazing woman flew across the Atlantic just after two brothers developed the first machine to actually fly! Not long after that we walked on the moon! It was an incredible time of invention and pioneers

Plus many more…