What Teachers and Children say about us


Thank you. The children really enjoy having discussions like this. It was interesting for them and the presenter was very energetic and made them feel comfortable to discuss these topics. (Hewens Primary School)

A very engaging workshop. The children clearly enjoyed the session. Very informative, interactive and a great way to tackle this sensitive issue. Thank you.   

The workshop and presenter were excellent. Sensitive and difficult issues were discussed in a way that engaged all children. It was a thought - provoking session.

Really relevant, useful information - BIG IMPACT! Children really engaged and made to think about their preconceived ideas and prejudice. Very well-delivered.

The presenter was extremely enthusiastic which allowed the content to have greater impact on the children. (Brookside Primary)

Good presentation explaining to the children how to treat others even though they may be different. The presenter was energetic and was able to bring across the information to the level of the students. (Brookside Primary)

This workshop was very informative for the class and presented a complex and worrying issue in an easy to understand and reassuring way. The children loved the interactive and enthusiastic way of presenting. (Commercial Primary School)

What a fantastic workshop , very informative and engaging. Very child lead and allowed teachers to observe the class. Children were all able to speak confidently and became very reflective learners. (Lake Farm Park Academy)

A real eye opener for the children and myself! 15 billion! Children fully engaged, fantastic role-play - thank you! (Clough and Risegate Community Primary School)

The workshop was excellent and it is really important for children to be educated about such an important issue in the world. (Hobbayne Primary School)

Workshop was very engaging and informative. It was appropriately pitched and the children enjoyed the session. (Roxbourne Primary School)

Really engaging and funny, lovely chance for the students to get involved. Very eye opening - we will be continuing this discussion. (Roxbourne Primary School)

Fantastic lively delivery! (Fawbert and Barnard’s Primary)

The presenter was brilliant. Very enthusiastic, had full knowledge about what she was talking about. Class was fully engaged. (St Paul's CE Primary School)

Very interactive, engaging and informative. The children were very inspired. (Wendell Park Primary)

Highly inspirational - it made a hard to grasp concept very real. I think it will have a lasting impact on both children and staff. (All Saints CE Primary School)

This is a fantastic workshop. The figures are astonishing. The children have learnt so much. (St Matthews CE Primary)

I thought the workshop was very informative, the presenter was friendly, clear and sympathetic. My students really benefited from today. (Sundon Park Junior School)

Fantastic, energetic and adaptable course presenter. Able to think on the spot and put across the points really well. Very friendly and good sense of humour. I could tell the class really enjoyed their time. Thank you. (Harrow Primary School)

Really informative, full of energy and the children were all engaged. A great session! (Colham Manor Primary School)   


I am really glad this workshop came to our school because I am going to make a change.

I like the workshops a lot because it helps us learn and understand. It also makes us feel the experience and not just hear it.

One person can make a big difference

I would like to say thank you for telling us about this horrible thing happening now so that we can help to stop it. It was very useful and interesting.

I liked the presenter, she was funny and nice and made the learning fun.

Really nice, encouraging presenter who explained really well. Really enjoyed it and learnt lots.

I wanted to say that it was really lovely and it inspires me to be a much better person. Thank you!

I think the workshop helped me to understand the problems in our world and what we can do to help. Thank you.

I learned a lot and now I am really aware about slavery and want to do something to help.

It was inspiring and it helped me to realise the things I could do.

I have learnt that it doesn't matter who you are, we are all equal.

Do what makes you happy. Be who you want to be. Just because you're a different race to someone else doesn't mean you can't be friends. It's about their personality.

Everyone can make a difference, don't think you are not enough and can't do anything.

Violence is not the right way to win, only kindness.

I have learnt that the internet is like a window to the world.

Violence doesn’t give you what you want and you have to talk.

You shouldn't judge someone by their colour, religion or country because every religion promotes peace .

I learnt that radicalisation and terrorism are different to war.

People that use their voice get more recognised than people that use violence.

There is more good news in the world than bad.

Every religion supports peace and no religion supports violence.

I have learnt to talk to someone if I receive a message from someone I don't know.

I learnt how to be safe on the internet and to never use violence.

Violence never works but peace does, I will try and help everyone around the world.

I will speak up and do what is right, but in a peaceful way.

I learnt more about Gandhi and Guy Fawkes and that no matter what the colour of our skin or what religion, we are all one.

I learnt that we shouldn't treat people differently because of our religion.

Always be the best you can be and make a change in the world.

I will tell people that you can't get what you want with violence and spread the word of what I learnt today.

Never use religion as an excuse for violence.

I learnt about the good things that normal people do to change the world.

Every person is the same and it doesn't matter what religion you are you're still the same.

We need to stay safe and we need to keep our community safe, Our voices count but we need to use it carefully.

People succeed by using their voice and not violence. I will stop making people believe that one religion in particular is the reason for terror attacks and violence.

Be kind, be fair, treat people the way you want to be treated.

Stop thinking that fear can make someone change, religion is peace and love not fear and violence.    

I learned that violence is not the answer to every problem and how just talking to people can change a lot.

I found out the importance of being in a peaceful community.

You use your voice instead of violence , do not use violence to get what you want.

If we understand how people think and how we are all different, that would make the world a better place.