There was a little company, that wanted to change the world
They were founded by a drummer, who met a poor young girl
She opened his eyes to sadness he thought could not be real
He knew that change was needed, to help the Earth to heal
So we made a set of workshops, to start a conversation
And teach every child, they could inspire a generation
— Phil Knight CEO and Founder

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How we can help

Hello! We are Just Enough! We live with you here on Planet Earth! It is a brilliant place - it has ice cream - but a few things need changing to make it even better! Our Mission is simple: Start the Conversation! Inspire a Generation!

Knife Crime, Slavery, Terrorism, County Lines, Online Bullying and more! Let us help you cover the whole of your PSHE curriculum.

Just Enough and the Blah! App were started to inspire you and your class to be able to open up and talk about these difficult topics. We want to help children understand the complex world growing around them and how they can change it as they get older.

Sound Cool? You can have us run workshops in your school for less than the price of a laptop and Blah! is completely free to download and use! Please get in touch and see what we can do together to make this world.

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